La Moutarde Game Awards 2018

We've seen a lot of awesome games in 2018. What a year ! But what was our personal favorites ? What did a bunch of indie game makers played this year ? Discover it now !

Francois / developer

Octopath Traveler screenshot

My favorites

  1. Octopath Traveler : It surely has a lot of issues, but the gameplay is the perfect balance between retro and modern mechanics.
  2. Dragon Quest Builders : I loved Minecraft and it’s Minecraft with a story and quests. I’m now waiting for the second and it’s multiplayer mode to come in Europe. Send help.
  3. God Of War : It’s beautiful and the narration is good. As a developer, I’m fascinated by the fact it’s a sequence shot with almost no glitch.

I loved it so much… but at the end, it’s WAY too expensive for what it is. The fact that you can’t unlock everything if you don’t buy additional VERY EXPENSIVE addons kills everything.

Anthony / 2D-3D artist

Monster Hunter World screenshot

My favorites

  1. Monster Hunter World : I wait for a true evolution in the serie since 15 years and this episode is saint graal.
  2. God Of War : Graphics are amazing, the narration is mind-blowing and fights are awesome. I like fighting.
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man : I’m a huge Spiderman fan and this is the best superhero videogame of all time.

Shame on Red Dead Redemption 2

Awesome graphics but so realist it kills all the fun. I’ve never seen such an annoying game to play.

Felix / developer

Super Smash Bros Ultimate screenshot

My favorites

  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate : I’ve never been a Smash Bros fan but this one is fantastic from the beginning to the end.
  2. Beat Saber : How to justify VR in one lesson.
  3. Sea of Thieves : Far from perfect but a unique gaming experience like we want to see more.

Shame on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Bad gameplay and ridiculous scenario, a melting pot of everything I hate in a lot of AAA from the last decade.

Nicolas / composer

Gorogoa screenshot

My favorites

  1. Gorogoa : Awesome puzzle game with a good realisation.
  2. Donut County : Super fun with an appealing story we’re not waiting for. And the music is good.
  3. Minit : I loved the atmosphere of the game and the musics are awesome.

Shame on nothing

I’m just love and peace.

Arthour / couillère

Into The Breach screenshot

My favorites

  1. Into the Breach : best strategy game of the year with an awesome OST. I can stay on it 4 hours without my brain exploding.
  2. Cytus II : Best rhythm game on Android/iOS with an original narration and an innovative gameplay.
  3. Celeste : Very challenging like Super Meat Boy with an incredible OST too. Gameplay and difficulty is progressive and it kept me trying and trying again.

Shame on Darwin Project

Concept is nice but it lacks in terms of content. Every game is the same and it bores me quickly. And for those who, like me, bought the game before it went free to play…