Here come some new challengers

La Moutarde team welcomes 3 new members to develop new exciting games. Say Hi to Elise, Emerick and Elisa !

Because we started to work on new games some time ago (we’ll talk about that soon), we needed new talents to complete our team. Today, we are happy to introduce to you our 3 new teammates, Elise, Emerick and Elisa !

Elise Ramseier | 3D Artist

Elise Avatar

Drawing since her childhood, Elise was destined to design websites for the rest of her life but miracoulusly discovered that living from creating video games was possible. Only listening to her heart, she started working for different compagnies, even experencing the cosy living of Google employee.

One morning, after years as a freelancer, she saw while scrolling between cat photos and some uncanny comments, an hiring position in a promising game studio called after a spicy condiment. Spitting her coffee twice, she was really happy to be informed that she was hired some days later.

Emerick Aussignac | Developer

Emerick Avatar

Initially aiming to be a veterinarian, Emerick then realised that coding was his calling. He quickly fell in love with Unity and stuck with it since. After living the indie dream and making a game with his friends he arrived in Montpellier to enjoy the sun while working for various studios.

When not working you can usualy catch Emerick playing boardgames all around Montpellier or dancing Swing. Wanting to make more game tools for game developpers he was enthusiastic when François told him about an offer at La Moutarde.

Elisa Beiram | Writer

Elisa Avatar

Elisa studied book publishing and the Internet. She writes and translates all kinds of words in various fields: video games, industry, advanced technologies…

Her first anticipation novel, Rêveur Zéro, is published in 2020, by an independent publishing house spemacializing in science fiction and fantasy literature. In her free time, Elisa likes to sing and explore planets.