Terra Memoria - Update 2024.4.15a

Here the latest patch for Terra Memoria! We've been hard at work addressing your feedback and squashing those pesky bugs. Here's what you can expect!

Your feedback has directly shaped the updates in version 2024.4.15a, guiding us in squashing bugs and enhancing the game. We’re immensely grateful for your active participation. Thank you for helping make Terra Memoria better with each update!


Chinese Localisation Update

We heard from our Asian players that Chinese, Japanese and Korean localizations are not good at the moment. We did our best to avoid this situation by involving multiple partners but because we can’t even read these languages, it was impossible to us to be sure that everything was fine before the game release.

That said, that is a problem that we are currently addressing with new partners! The first language to be updated is the Chinese and it’s now live with this update! If you still find that it needs more polish, please write to us so we can keep on improving it.

Next updates will address other Asian languages!

“Worth It” Achievement (Steam)

We’ve fine-tuned the calculation for the “Worth It” achievement related to the amount of money generated from sales. Now, collecting a large sum of money in one transaction that exceeds the achievement requirement will be accurately recognized, potentially applying to similar cases in the future.

Worth it achievement

Recycler’s Inventory Update

The recycler will now offer items that you have previously sold to other merchants in the world of Terra. This change ensures that you can repurchase your valuable items, albeit at a higher price.

Anyeh the recycler location

The Gardener of Beeghin Improvement

Rosey, the gardener, previously failed to detect if the player had crafted a garden plot equipped with a scarecrow. This detection flaw has been addressed, enabling Rosey to accurately recognize and respond to the player’s gardening achievements.


Double Circon for double fun!

An issue where Circon could appear in two places simultaneously has been resolved. This occurred when the quest “Where is Circon?” was activated and the village level was subsequently reduced by removing all elements. We’ve corrected this confusing situation!

Double Circon

Yne’s “Live On” Quest

The “Live On” quest had a bug allowing it to be erroneously restarted, leading to quest duplication and reward multiplication. This issue has been rectified, preserving the integrity of your questing experience.

Yne location

Sleep Menu Button Display

We’ve eradicated a pesky bug that caused the sleep menu buttons to vanish when the Main Menu was opened and closed in rapid succession. Now, you can expect these buttons to display correctly, with no softlock.

Sleep Menu

Syl Character Selection

During Syl’s introduction, a glitch that kept the selection circle on Moshang incorrectly has been fixed. Syl will now be properly highlighted in the character interface, streamlining your adventure right from this pivotal moment.

Menu character selection

Jingmana Consistency Alteration

Previously, Jingmana did not correctly alter the player’s origin point for entering the spirit world, blocking access to shortcuts for confronting the various bosses within. We’ve now rectified this issue, ensuring that the shortcuts offered by Jingmana function as intended, unlocking access to the different bosses.

Jingmana location

Echo Receptors in puzzles operate correctly under low performance

In scenarios where a player utilizes a device with exceptionally low performance (below 30 fps), puzzles could previously become non-operational. Now, the puzzles will work even on potato devices.


Quest update interface crash in Fast Mode resolved

We’ve also tackled a critical bug that affected the quest update interface in Fast Mode. If a player pressed the game acceleration key while navigating this interface and repeatedly pressed the confirm button, it could lead to a complete soft lock of the game. Thanks to your reports, we’ve implemented a fix to prevent this from occurring!

Menu quest updated

For you !

These updates are part of our commitment to enhancing your gaming experience based on your valuable feedback. As always, we appreciate your participation in refining Terra Memoria, ensuring it becomes better with each version update.

And what about consoles patches ?

This version will be also pushed to Nintendo Switch / PS5 / Xbox Series, including fixes we made in our previous Steam update. Because it needs to pass verifications process, it will take some time to be live. We’ll keep you updated!

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Written by Clement Garcia
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