Terra Memoria - Update 2024.4.1a

Here is the first patch for Terra Memoria that fixes a lot of the bugs you discovered during the first week of the launch !

Since Terra Memoria release, we received a lot of love from our community and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU ! And what a better way to say thank you than updating the game to fix the bugs you discovered ? Here is version 2024.4.1a !


Kluso quest

Kluso was deleted from the map by mistake before the release of the game, making it impossible for players to find him. It’s now fixed, you will be able to find him in the spirit world.

Kluso location

1 hour waiting quest goal

There is a quest that was supposed to make you feel how sad it is to be a selfless mage… and as a joke, we put a goal that said you had to wait 1 hour standing next to a phone booth. You didn’t really have to wait 1 hour and could totally do something else during that hour but because it generated a lot of frustration, we decided to just remove this goal. Sorry for our bad sense of humour !

Stuck in Constance

There was bug where you can get stuck in Constance if the cinematic when you leave fails. Now, you can take the train again to leave Constance !

Stuck in Oxalis

If you spoke to the fortuneteller in the spirit world after reaching Oxalis but before the bridge is repaired, you could get stuck forever. It’s now fixed ! If your save is stucked there, just take the stairs to the bridge to get teleported.

Oxalis safe teleport location

Ghost elements in Beeghin

When building your village, you can have ghost elements that can’t be deleted. While it still can happen (we are still investigating it right now), ghost elements will get cleaned up when you reload your save.

Safety teleport needed in Tchalko

You could get stuck easily in Tchalko near the factory and had to use the safety teleport to get unstuck. Now fixed !

A sign that shouldn’t be here

A sign that shouldn’t be in front of steles puzzle next to Oxalis after resolving it was there. It’s now gone !

Bad sign

What’s next ?

We are still focusing on bug fixing right now. If you found something, just come to our Discord server so we can help !

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Written by Francois Bertrand
Co-Founder / Developer at La Moutarde
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