Website Grand Opening

Bip bip. Hi to everyone. I'm La Moutarde new website. Bip bip bip. I'm so beautiful you won't believe it. And last but not least, I'm now speaking English.

New start

We released our first game few weeks ago and it’s now time for us to think about what to do next. In fact, we already started to work on our next game maybe 3 months ago. And more than ever, we want to build it with our community. This new website will help us a lot to keep in touch with you.

What’s new ?

It’s in English

We are French (et très fiers de l'être). But we want to be able to speak to everyone in the world. Because we are a small team, we can’t write a lot of things in 2 languages, it would take too much time. So we decided to write only in English. We hope you’ll be able to understand us (don’t worry, we are not native English speakers either).

You will find a lot of new things

We want to share a lot of things that are usually hidden from the public. We will talk about the progress on our projects, we will write tutorials on some of our tools (Unity, Hugo, Maya…) and will share the secret stats about how our games are selling with market analysis.

It’s loading fast

The website is optimized to load extremely fast. To achieve this, we abandonned Wordpress and decided to use Hugo. We will probably talk about this choice in a serie of articles in a near future.

Where can I follow this ?

Please follow our Twitter or Facebook to be sure to know when we will publish some news.

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Written by Francois Bertrand
co-founder / developer at La Moutarde
C# and Visual Studio lover. Grew up with Sonic and Streets Of Rage. Trying to adulting right now.