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Long time no speak, right ? It's time for us to start a new era with the upcoming Terra Memoria release, with a brand new website refresh !

Hello there

Since we started working on Terra Memoria few years ago, we didn’t speak a lot on our social accounts / website. Our partners wanted to keep this new project as secret as possible for various reasons so we had just nothing to say anymore in public. But this time is over! Terra Memoria will get released really soon and it’s time for us to shape our future.


screenshot of the old website


screenshot of the actual website

Step 1 : Support Terra Memoria release

Terra Memoria is our second game but first time for a lot of things! First RPG, first PS5 and Xbox Series game… so we’ll surely learn a lot of things during the release. We learnt a lot during the Steam Next Fest by watching you playing the game, we will be there again for the release, taking notes about what could be improved in the future.

Step 2 : Starting our next game

We already know what we want to do for our next game but we now have to build a prototype to see if it can be made the way we want to!

Step 3 : Tell you evrything about it

We don’t want to be as secret as we were for Terra Memoria (we’ll talk more about it when the Post Mortem blog post will be posted). So this time, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have something to iterate on! This time, we bring YOU with us in the video-game making adventure. So stay tuned and see you soon !

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Written by Francois Bertrand
Co-Founder / Developer at La Moutarde
C# and Visual Studio lover. Grew up with Sonic and Streets Of Rage. Trying to adulting right now.